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We always choose to work with committed producers who set rigorous standards. We have true partners located in Provence like the BEA laboratories located in Forcalquier (Alpes de Haute Provence) and specialized in cosmetics. They produce our cosmetic line since 1991.

Our concern for the environment has led to the use of environmentally friendly packaging.

For our products, gift wrapping and communication materials we strive to use paper or cardboard based on an ecological approach. We use paper, cardboard and wood from sustainably managed forests.

Our on-line shop use a 100 % biodegradable starch that can dissolve in water without any toxic residues.


Our present packaging is a result of two years of tests and research in order to ensure the key roles of packaging which are performance and diversity:


Our new line for essential oils offers different capacities:
• 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1l (opal or amber colored bottles with separate dropper) in order to protect the essential oil from the UV.
• a new capacity for our Eau de toilette and certain cosmetics : 500ml or 1l for “Eau de Lavande fine” and “Mélange de fleurs”,


The airless system of our packaging guarantees :
• high level of protection of our cosmetics from germ contamination and natural conservation of our massage oils without preservatives,
• the client knows for sure that the bottle is open for the first time.


We limit the use of unnecessary packing material :
To ensure the safety of the product and our customers during the different stages in the life of a product, up to its eventual use (production, storage, handling, shipment, putting the product on sale and displaying it in stores).


To Inform and Advise and provide legally required information and information related to product use; to present a veritable “ID card”.
To Serve the User: packaging should protect the product throughout its lifetime, be practical and functional, and allow for frequent use of the product.
Any packaging elements that do not come under this list of functions can be banished.


is a member of the
(n° 507455) and the French system of collecting and recycling of the domestic waste.

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