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Fine lavender
a medicinal plant

Fine lavender from Provence is a plant whose
medicinal properties have been recognized
since Ancient times.

Symbolic flower of Provence, its essential oil is the one that is most used in aromatherapy, because of its wide therapeutic properties - locally on small wounds and surface burns, to clear up colds and congestion, treat minor sleep disorders and as an anti-stress remedy.

Lavandotherapy* uses the beneficial properties of fine lavender flowers, essential oil and hydrolate in the form of baths, massages or treatments to sooth the nerves, improve relaxation and offer relief for skin problems.

The natural cosmetics from “Le Château du Bois” are all made with A.O.C fine lavender essential oil of Haute Provence *, for a guaranteed effect of wellbeing and relaxation.

*like great wines, fine lavender has its own appellation of controlled origin (A.O.C)
“Lavender essential oil of Haute Provence”.
To be entitled to use that appellation, it must be produced using traditional methods in a specific geographic area, in keeping with strict quality criteria.
Certification is issued by a governmental agency called I.N.A.O.

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